Vive tu vida guey y mañana te aviso

I must admit I hold a lot of resentment. Goodnight.


Hand embroidery on natural linen.


Hand embroidery on natural linen.

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Geometric tattoos by Chaim Machlev


Reigning his tattoo machine from Berlin, Chaim Machlev creates – with dots and lines – minimalistic geometrical patterns and intricate compositions on skin.

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New Protest MVP Candidate! Get it girl! #staywoke #farfromover #thefutureisbright

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That’s an illusion

I don’t belong here

You know, I spoke with these older ladies at the bar - they told me;

"people in LA play too much, they bullshit way too much".

Preach! Y’all do !!

“I have ruined relationships for fear of ruining those relationships.”

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People really do this

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“Well, I think that when you have a connection with someone, it never really goes away, you know? You snap back to being important to each other because you still are.”

—   Alex Vause, Orange Is The New Black (S1: E10)

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